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Journeyman III

Radeon update win 10 display problem

Just updated Win 10 to build 18950 and getting poor display and find Radeon driver v 26.20.11015.5009 has been installed.

The window positions and sizes have been altered, icons are larger, all text seems slightly blurred and taskbar is a dreary grey colour, it was transparent black before.

I tried uninstalling the AMD driver and the system went back to a basic Microsoft driver which looks a lot better than the AMD one though it is a bit jerky when scrolling etc.

Would anyone have any ideas about fixing the AMD driver?

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The first thing I would try is bringing up the system in Safe Mode. Once you are there then use the free utility called DDU to completely remove any traces of the AMD driver suite. After the reboot then I would install the latest Adrenalin, 19.7.5.

In Windows 10 there are number of display settings that can be adjusted. Before adjusting anything there I would be sure Adrenalin is setup correctly with your monitor. Once Adrenalin is tweaked then you can use the Windows adjustments to change icon and display size. These things come in real handy when you have "old eyes".

You don't mention what GPU you have. That would be helpful in the event this trouble continues even after trying all of this.

Journeyman III

Thanks for the reply, I had to create a new account to get back on here as it refused to accept previous log in.

Should 'DDU' be on my PC somewhere, can't find anything like that in any of the AMD folders but I did find 'amdcleanuputility.exe and used that but it does not seem to do much of a job as there are still a lot of AMD folders and files on the PC.

I tried the Adrenalin, 19.7.5 drivers but it seems they were what I was already on as it still shows driver v 26.20.11015.5009 in device manager.
A friend loaned me a Radeon RX550 card and the drivers for that seem give the same poor displays in win 10 but I did notice at one point that the PC went back to a good display and found it was back using the standard Ms display driver so am happy with that if only I can find a way to stop win 10 continually  installing the AMD drivers.


DDU stands for Display Driver Uninstaller (or something comparable). It is freeware and needs to be downloaded so it can be used. Use your favorite search engine and look for DDU. The results should say Official Display Driver Uninstaller DDU Download. I would put the link but then this reply sits and waits to be released because links are moderated.

I am using Adrenalin 19.7.5 and in Windows Device Manager the driver version shows as 26.20.13001.25001. I am also using the Radeon VII GPU. You have not indicated what GPU you have. It might be that the driver revision for your specific GPU will be older than newer GPUs. Also, what type of cable are you using to connect the display to the GPU? Does your motherboard have its own display port, and if so, does the CPU have embedded graphics? That could be a good test point if available.

Journeyman III

Found DDU though it does not do much now as I had manually deleted all the folders the AMD cleaner had left behind.

I am not sure about GPU's the first graphics card was a Radeon 7750, also tried a Radeon RX550.

Using display port to connect.

Motherboard graphics do not work, I looked for info on that and it appears it is something to do with using a Ryzen 5 processor but did not go into details.

Think I have managed to stop the display drivers updating and am happy with the display produced by the standard windows driver.