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Journeyman III

radeon rx560 low fps all games


Recently i have purchased a lenovo y520 laptop with an intel i7 processor and an amd rx560 gpu.

My problem is that i have really low fps that demands a little bit of gpu in lowest settings.

It is so bad that i have 18-20 fps in borderlands2! on lowest settings on full hd resolution.

in this case the gpu is only around 40-50 used yet im still lagging.

On the other hand GTA V and assasins creed odyssey uses 100% of gpu yet even on the lowest settings i cant get above 24 FPS  even though i only use 1500 mb from the 4gb of memory.

The drivers are up to date, the charger is plugged in and i am out of ideas on what to do.


Any ideas?

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Are you using drivers from AMD or Lenovo's website?

Make sure that there are no proprietary power saving features that are active and, just for troubleshooting purposes, disable all anti-aliasing and depth of field effects until we can narrow down what's causing the sluggishness. By "full HD resolution" I assume you mean that you are running games @ 1080p or higher?


yes by full hd i meant 1080p.

every setting that i could have turned off i turned them off set them low still 20 fps on borderlands 2.

that should not be the case right?

Journeyman III

Alright im completly lost.

i have tried reinstalling all the drivers and it still didnt solve my issue.

I have no idea what to do.


Is it possible that the processor's integrated graphics are still being used with 3D applications? In other words, the Radeon chipset is not being activated by games or the computer continues to use the on-board CPU graphics. Lots of laptops have a pair of video controllers and switchable graphics so you may want to consider this if you have not done so already.