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Journeyman III

[Radeon RX 580] Monitor goes grey,or green screen and the sound becomes distorted if there was a sound playing when playing games on DirectX 12 or Vulkan,DX11 runs games fine.

I just built my computer 2 months ago,everything is fresh out of the box
So,my pc has been going grey or green screen whenever I tried to play a game on DX12 or Vulkan
If I have the metrics overlay on I can still see that gray outline in the corner of my screen after that has happened,
For instance when I run F1 2020 on DX12 my pc (crashes?) after 2 minutes of playtime,when I play it on DX11 however it runs perfectly.
Dont get it wrong the games dont lag on DX12 or Vulkan btw they run perfectly before going out
Please help me out I really want to play my games,most of the games I got dont support DX11
(sorry if I sound stupid I am new to the pc community)

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