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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Radeon RX 570 4GB - Freeze or black screen, still running

Upgraded (for a lack of better terms, just figured my last GPU is damaged and is now out of warranty) from a GTX 1070 a few days ago. Unfortunately, despite my hopes this would fix any freezing, my system is still crashing. Last time it happened was after I left my system for a few minutes. Before that was this morning; it had happened overnight. So, this can happen if I'm gaming (not that often) or doing very little, and can be either a freeze (nothing changing on the screen with no input doing anything) or a complete black screen.

I have no idea whether this is a GPU problem or something else. PSU is definitely more than enough for this GPU and the previous 1070, and I suppose the CPU might be damaged, not sure how. Any way you'd recommend to send you temps? I generated a report and attached it, hopefully will offer some insight.

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