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Journeyman III

Radeon R9 390x overheating with every game after driver update

I hadn't updated my GPU drivers in 8 months before I decided to do this. Before updating my drivers I've played a total of 20 hours of Borderlands 3 without any frame or heat issues. Game running smooth as hell. Except for two times when it crashed with a pop-up message telling me my GPU drivers had crashed and it urged me to update my drivers.

After updating the drivers, I started the game up again. However, now when I reached the main menu, my fans starting kicking it up louder than I've ever heard them before. I checked the software under the Performance tab and it said the GPU was on a steady 95 degrees celsius. I thought it strange and decided to load up a smaller game, CS:GO. Same issue. Another, even smaller game, Diablo 3. Same issue.
Even now while writing this, the GPU is idling at 60 degrees. This ain't right. Anyone else ever had this issue? I have performed a factory reset on my card, reverted my PC back to an earlier state (like a week when the new drivers weren't installed), checked for dust build up. Nothing seems to help. This has to be an issue with the drivers, no? Since it only started after updating them.

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Journeyman III

The R9 390's being ~3 years old by now means the heat paste is starting to deteriorate... so it might be coincidence. I would buy some new heat paste, carefully remove the fans and heatsink, and re-apply heat paste.