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Journeyman III

Radeon R5 Graphics; same FPS at all settings and low performane

Hello everyone,

as the headline says I am encountering this problem really often. I know its not the best graphics card, BUT whatsoever it should work. Unfortionately I always have the same FPS (which is even low too for some reason) at all graphics settings.

For example, I enjoy playing League of Legends. At the start of the game, again no matter which settings I have about 50/60FPS, which is then decreasing over the time.

So my questions are as following; Why do I have such low FPS, can I boost that, how could I fix it and why do I have this problem about the settings?

AMD Radeon R5 Graphics(I cant find anything better it says this everywhere), 2200MHz


Windows 10 64bit

Radeon Software Crimson Edition 17.11.1

Just my laptop screen (1366x768   @60Hz)

Motherboard: HP 81F5 PFXMCF21W22YKT  66.41

Bios: Insyde F.24

Processor: AMD A8-7410 with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics @2.20GHz




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R5 Graphics you have has 384SP (6CU) at 720MHz., although it should be noted in Laptops, power savings behaviour will typically dictate performance.

So unlike the Desktop APU, depending on what is more in demand (Graphics or Processor) this will result in one of the other being able to run at their "Full" Clock.

On top of this as the Battery Lowers (i.e. 90% >> 75% >> 50% >> etc.) so too will the CPU and GPU begin to reduce clocks to save Battery Life.

League of Legends is typically a CPU intensive game, and that's the component that will use the most Power.

(the R5 used is GCN 1.1 which is quite power efficient)

Plugging in the Laptop to the Wall and disabling "Power Saving" mode in Windows (which in Windows 10 is a little too focused on Battery Life., which running more damn apps that drain it quicker) means your performance will generally drop over time.

This is perhaps going to be worse ATM given Spectre and Meltdown Windows Patches have added some runtime performance that is normally negligible on Desktops but might trigger a more aggressive Power Saving on Laptops.


First of all, thanks for all the information given

So, you mean if I enable Power Saving mode it will run better?
My laptop is usually plugged to the charger 24/7, so I don't know what I could change tbh.


Disable power saving mode.



sorry for my late response! I did so but unfortionately its not working.

What else could I do?


Something I hadn't really thought of but... have you tried (while the Laptop is OFF) blowing hard into the Air Vents?

Strange as this might sound, I didn't even consider that maybe you've had the Laptop for a Long Time and there's a good chances it's just Dusty as F**K in there.

Blowing through the Air Vents will be a Temporary Solution., but if this does help... then it'll need to be opened up to be properly cleaned out of all of the Dust; perhaps even replace the Thermal Compound.