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Journeyman III

Radeon hd 7750/7770 Dual screen strange problems


So iv got an old 7750 iv used for years on a dual display.

The card has
1. Display port
2. DVI

So A few years ago I tried putting 2 27 inch tv monitors in 1360x768 using the HDMI, and I just couldent get a clear picture. In the end I ended up using a DVI port to HDMI in tv one one,and a DVI to VGA on the other. Decent picture on both.
But today one of the screens died and im here again trying to get a decent image.
So my process so far:
I can use the same tv screen on a DVIto HDMI or directly HDMI from teh card. But If I use the HDMI output on the card the resolution is terrible. Its dull and dark, but the DVI is crisp. 

I dont understand why the HDMI output(with different cables) doessent work.
Any ideas why, or which outputs would be best on this card for dual setup?


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