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Radeon HD 5450 - stopped displaying on 2nd monitor

My computer has two Radeon HD 5450 video cards. One of them drives 2 monitors and the other 1. I took the computer in to work (without the monitors) for some work and while in there they used the onboard VGA port for video (a Dell Optiplex 790).

When I brought it home, the 2nd monitor port, on both cards doesn't display. Both Windows and the AMD Catalyst Control Center recognizes the third monitor. Not just that it's there, but the model of the monitor. I can arrange the extra monitor in the monitor setup. The mouse "moves" on it (ie if I place it between the 2 working ones, then I have to move the mouse the expected distance to get from one to the other of the working ones.

In addition the monitor is on (as opposed to standby mode). The monitor itself is set right and working. I've swapped around which is plugged in where and all the monitors work.

But nothing displays if plugged in to port 2 on either card.

How do I fix this?

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