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Journeyman III

Radeon 5700XT constant driver crash

Today I got my brand new Radeon RX 5700 XT (Powercolor Red devil) and this is what happens when I start Overwatch:

Overwatch crashing on Radeon 5700XT - YouTube 

- Latest AMD drivers
- No overclock
- No application specific tuning by the AMD software
- No overlay software
- No Razer software
- Sufficient cooling
- Sufficient power supply (750W, the card I had before this one was a GTX 1080 which ran super stable for years). Both PCIe connectors plugged in the card
- Cleaned previous nVidia drivers from the previous GTX 1080 card
- AMD 3700X, 16GB, Gigabyte X570 motherboard, Windows 10

When I delete my Settings_v0 it sometimes starts but as soon as I change video settings and restart the game, I get this behaviour. Shadow Detail (on low), Dynamic Reflections, Anti Alias Quality seem problamatic settings in specific (maybe just coincidence). Sometime I do manage to get in game but then when I leave a match, it crashes again.

What a deception. It’s shocking to see how long these crashes have been going on.

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