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Journeyman III

R9 390 Pixelated Graphics, then crash in Rust


Intel Core i5-3570K @ 3.4GHz

Radeon R9 390 19.1.1

16Gb Ram

I have been playing Rust completely fine on High graphics for the last couple weeks and today after about 5 minutes in the game I get colored pixels across the entire screen and the computer crashes. I bought this machine about 3 months ago and haven't had any issues since.

Any ideas? Thanks

2 Replies

Sounds like the GPU is overheating or maybe is going bad or possibly a PSU issue. Try installing a older previous driver and see if it does the same thing.

I suggest you download a free Diagnostic program like OCCT or Furmark to "Stress" test your GPU card. If it does the same thing under stress, check the Temperatures and voltages to see if they are not too high or too low.

Those test might possibly eliminate hardware issues. I would install a Hardware monitoring software like Open Hardware or HWHardware to keep track of temperatures and voltages and other pertinent data when the computer is under heavy loading. It is a good way to be sure nothing is overheating or having power issues etc while computing.

What Windows version do you have installed?  Make & Model of Motherboard and PSU?


I tested my friends old graphics card and everything ran fine. When I was monitoring the R9 390 the temp slowly raised up to 94 and then the computer crashed. I am running windows 10 and the PSU is a corsair gs 700. I think you are right when saying its overheating, I had an issue in the past with a 550 PSU and it blew up which I then replaced with the 700 PSU.