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Adept II

R9 380x heat center help !

I have post one content but maybe the wrong in R9 x380 instead of R9 380x so the content is withdrawn by admin .

     Any expert can fingure out the heat center from the board ? . I do not have the thermal optical device in order to figure out exactly . The GPU is certainly and the aluminium part are the right places that i can find out .  But when i render image , the temperature at near hdmi port area in the board so hot that the computer shuts down . The temperature of cpu is ok i am sure . I know the zone near hdmi port has the huge heat when i render image . But exactly what electrical particle is unsure . I need to know in order to use customer water cooling for it in order to run rendering the image .

    Thank ahead experts ! .

    Here is the image of the board r9 380x . 

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