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Journeyman III

r9 280x dead?

After update drivers to 18.9.3 i got freeze when i play GTA IV and only thing i can do was press reset button, after reset my screen show me "NO SIGNAL"; cpu fan work, gpu fan too but system cant start. I got this situation many times but windows after reset start normally.

Is my card broken or something is happening with windows.

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In order to help you better, please specify which version of Windows you are using on this computer.

Do you see anything before NO SIGNAL, such as the power on self-test (POST) screen; can you access the system settings/BIOS? The easiest way to test a faulty card is to try it in another machine if possible. The graphics drivers can certainly cause this issue but it's a good first step to cut down wasted time.


I see something like artefacts its look like one color but a little bit distorted,

im using windows 10 and i cant access to bios and system settings, system cant start only fans is spinning and hard drive didnt start i think.

I trying in another pc but gpu still doesnt work same symptoms


In either computer, you could try disconnecting the hard drive temporarily to prevent the loading of any system drivers. This should either display a "cannot find bootable device" or a similar message on the screen.

Also, which video cable type are you using? HDMI or DVI?


i will try tommorow disconnect hdd

im using hdmi but i got dvi-d to d-sub