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Journeyman III

Problems with my RX 580

I am having serious problems with my computer and would like to know if anyone would have any idea what is happening.
I have an i5 3470 (underclocked while getting better cooling), and an XFX RX 580 4GB. The GPU is about 8 months old since I bought it new, and it rarely gave problems. But these days, especially today, he is much more serious. Or well, I think it is the graphic card.
Basically, if I am playing games or doing some GPU-demanding task, the PC hangs and I have to restart. (The sound crash, the screen goes black and nothing can be done)
Clarification: it is not a matter of temperatures. The GPU gives me 74 degrees use about 100% use, a temperature that is not even close to causing them to turn off. And the processor it has overheating problems, but I have it underclocked to 60% and it has also crashed the PC with it at 70 degrees. So I don't think so either.
The PSU? It is new too, I literally bought it about three weeks after the graphic. It is a 550W AZZA with 80 PLUS Bronze certification.
I have the latest drivers. I tried reverting to previous versions that worked for me without a problem and it still happens.
As additional information, I have the integrated graphics activated to be able to have several monitors without buying other cables. I don't think it has anything to do with it, but just in case I comment on it.
What do you think it might be, and what could I do to check?

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