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Adept I

Problem with my amd ryzen 5 5600G

I currently have a pc with an amd ryzen 5 5600G. At first I had screen shakes, then I had nothing for a long time. But since a while, and occasionally, my screen shakes and suddenly, no more video output. My pc is always on, and when I turn it back on via the button, the CPU LED on my motherboard lights up, and I have to turn off the power. When I turn on my computer again, everything is fine. I only experience this in office tasks, not in games, but especially when my pc has just turned on and is in the windows 11 connection menu. I recently changed a fan, I don't know if it has anything to do with it, and I also have my power cable that when you bend it too much it sizzles and the computer shuts down. My power supply is also a bit old. Thank you!
PS: I'm not English so I use a translator, sorry for the mistakes!

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I would replace you power cable for safety reasons since it sounds like the insulation to the wires inside the insulated cable are cracked and when you bend it it shorts out which can damage your computer or blow a fuse.

I would first replace your power cable and see if your problems continues or not.

Post your Computer PC information including your PSU Make & Model.

After replacing the power cable run OCCT CPU, GPU, & PSU Stress tests and see if your computer shuts down. Keep an eye on abnormal Temperatures, Fan speeds, PSU Outputs (3.3/5/12 Vdc).


Thank you for your reply.

I have done OCCT tests before, and everything is fine, and this phenomenon never happens when I do greedy tasks. This is quite byzantine. By the way, I forgot to mention that before doing the buggy, a byzzard noise is heard.

Here are the characteristics of my pc:

Processor: AMD ryzen 5 5600G

Motherboard: MSI pro B550M-P gen 3

Case fan: Artic P12 PWM

Processor fan: The original one, supplied with the processor.

Power supply: Antec NeoPower 500 (it is very old).

Storage: I have a nvme SSD and two HDDs, one of 1ton and a smaller one of 250gb that I got from a laptop

Ram : 2*8gb g.skill agesis 3200Mhz

Screen: LG 22M37A-B

I also have an Azus Wi-Fi card


I don't know if the problem could come from the fact that the screen is Intel compatible and not AMD, or my power supply or power supply cable, but it's quite byzzard because in benchmark or in game, it doesn't turn off.

Thank you and have a nice evening!


and the byzzard noise, it sounds like a HDD noise, but windows is not on my hdd, but on an nvme

do you have the answer?

Journeyman III

I bought amd ryzen 5 5600g processor on  Amazon,  I received damaged product, I called Amazon for exchange, he told the return policy was expired, and they told contact to amd and my problem is not solved.  Please sugges me what can I do

Amazon wait for amd response, Please response Amazon to solve my problem 


This is not the right place, you are on a forum discussion that does not correspond to your request.