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Journeyman III

problem with my 6750xt

Hi all bought a msi 6750xt in November from ebuyer but in January the card stopped displaying a picture on my monitor and there was a VGA light on my motherboard saying there is a problem with the VGA output tested different leads and what not, but no luck put my old 1050ti back in my PC, and it booted up, so I contacted ebuyer and explained, and they said to send it back to them after a few weeks I contacted them to ask for an update on the card and was told its gone back to msi for repair then today I get an email saying that a Technician from them had a look and could not find a fault, and they are sending the card back to me, I phoned ebuyer and had a chat to some guy who said there is not a lot they can do because it works I asked why they said it was sent back to msi for repair he said it was a mistake, and it was never sent back. He said when I get it back if it still doesn't work to resend it back to them??. Can anyone please give me some advice on what to do next, I don't want to be 450 pounds down

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