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Adept III

Problem with enabling HDR on 7900 XT with QN90A tv

Hello everybody,

It is my fist time buying amd gpu and ever since i got it i cannot enable hdr,

Basically when i had nvidia gpu i used game mode on pc and hdr automatically got enabled with Gsync.

But now, I cannot enable hdr anyway what so ever, on gamemode on tv it says freesnyc premium pro but on hdr option it says not enabled,

I tried disabling freesnyc in gpu settings, turned on hdr, still doesn't work.

I cannot get my gpu and tv to recognise hdr in anyway what so ever, when i go to play a game everything is so dim and details are missing its redicilous.
any help?

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Hey diablo souls guy.. diablo 4 is out. I think im Eccentric#11956 is my battlenet account.

I could maybe AMD link or whatever to you somehow or VPN or somesuch and configure your AMD systems HDR for u or get it to work with diablo 4 for you. we could play a bit of D4 together.. 

bit like previous.rar ~ pixeldrain

try a dozen copies of my .ini text file. run the directx feature level reg file each reboot it can take a while to update that key for me so just game and leave it run in background.

and use the regsettings key just the once.


Adept I

Fingers crossed.



Thanks, that was awesome.

Hopefully things will move now, and we will be taken a bit more seriously than previous 3 months.

Mr Frank Azor doing gods work, as ut falcon mentioned HDR is working with CRU method now, thanks to frank.


Honestly if amd matt did a single thing regarding helping us he would say somethig when drivers came out. Now we see that he in fact didnt do a single thing in last 2 months , he even replied only once a month that shows how seriously he was taking this matter.

Thank god frank took things and started getting fixes ready because if we would wait for matt we wouldnt even get any progress

Another AMD representative who ignored us apparently

Journeyman III

@Matt_AMDCould you gives us an update, don't need to be "we are looking at this", an "honest update" is better than a "PR response". Not trying to be offensive here, just want to understand what is happening.

Adept III

Quick update for anybody who is gonna be looking on info regarding hdr / buying
06.march: AMD become aware of this issue,
2-3 months later they finished investigation, said that it works perfectly as it is supposed to( more realistic). Since then there were no updates.  even though everybody said that HDR isn't working as it is supposed to they just stopped doing anything.
Since last weeks AMD preview driver, we can now use CRU to bypass this "superior image that FSPPro gives" by editing EDID. It also works on normal drivers, i have tested it. CRU wasnt fixed because of HDR but because of different problems i assume since we dont get any updates!
Sadly AMD Matt isn't doing anything, he did not give any info for quite a while and as it looks they're just hoping for this issue to disappear. I would think that they would give us atleast some answers in last couple of months but no. Its a shame that losing 50% of nits ( going from 1495 -> 700 when turning on FSPPro)  gives them impression that everything works as it is supposed to.

So I think that it is more than fair to say this is it for this forum topic, they just don't give a **** about consumers after they buy their products. I am almost 100% sure they will not do anything and will just continue to look the other way even though last 2 series of their products don't even have working HDR.

For anybody wondering how to get CRU method to recognise HDR since AMD doesn't do anything, here is the youtube link to the person who helped me:

I will be considering an upgrade from my 6800XT either late this year or early next year. I will avoid AMD GPUs in order to get hassle-free HDR with full brightness on FreeSync Premium Pro TV that I bought a few months ago (Samsung S95C). Which realistically leaves only one brand (unless the newcomer really brings it up next generation).

I am going to repeat myself, just because of how ridiculous this whole thing is: The fact that my TV is FreeSync Premium Pro certified will (unless properly fixed) force me to avoid AMD GPUs next upgrade cycle...

7900XTX and QN90B (144Hz) here.

Tried that youtube trick once again and yes, now it works. Never worked till now, thanks for the advice.

So right now, I can avoid FreeSync Premium Pro from being stuck at Gamma 2.2 and now TV detects FreeSync Premium (without Pro), so Gamma is ST.2084.

So this is kinda a workaround until AMD fixes that, if it ever happens.

Meanwhile, thanks again @DiabloSouls.

It is good news that you can hack the driver to make this work but it's not a solution it is a work around.  We need this fixed or committed to the driver where premium pro can be disabled in the driver in favour of premium effectively what the hack does but with an easy slider or tick box.

I don't know why this is marked as solved?!?!? Because it isn't.

Just wanted to let you know that I gave up and sold my 6700XT. I bought an Nvidia card as I didn't want to wait any longer for AMD. I don't know who Matt is representing here. I want to believe that it is not AMD, because his explanations were naive and unacceptable.

I marked it as solved so people do not wait in hopes of amd fixing. Amd matt hasnt updated this thread for so long that its pointless. 

I gave video explaining how to enable HDR while its not perfect solution it is still better than FSPPro hdr.

I have found out that local dimming on samsung tvs in gamemode is slow and needs a bit so i am returning my tv and buying c2 tomorrow anyway. 


You do realise that OLED brightness is generally not as good as LED so the contrast isn't as good for HDR


Yeah, but no local dimming delay while gaming, no problems with HDR out of the box and picture looks WAY better when gaming.


Thank you for posting the link to the video. It helped me to get HDR with VRR/FreeSync. 
So disappointing that AMD can't fix it and people need to it themselves. I almost regret getting 7900XTX and not 4080. 


Does this need to be repeated on every new driver install?

Adept I

@Matt_AMD  - We appreciate that CRU and custom EDIDs are now supported on driver 23.7.1 as this allows Samsung tv's to be forced into HDR mode using Freesync Premium Pro.  I'd like to know if an official fix is being worked on that will allow HDR to be detected and correct gamma (ST.2084) without the CRU workaround.

New customers may not know about CRU and be disappointed by the washed out and improper gamma setting when using a Samsung TV, also any new firmware update to the TV will require creating a new EDID edit to get HDR working again with Freesync Premium Pro, this is just an annoyance we shouldn't have to deal with and appreciate a proper fix in the future.  Thanks for your time. 

Adept II

It also happens with the 6700xt. I have seen that by changing the color from full RGB to limited and back to full RGB, the value of nits changes. 817nits to 1499nits. Has anyone else experienced this or tried it?” ver. 23.7.1



Adept I

Still no answer. It's amazing that they are knowingly neglecting their customers. It seems that Ryzen is their main focus, so for now we should stay away from anything Radeon related.


Adept I

I have the same issue with my 7900XTX and Samsung QN90A. 

I have game mode on. HDMI 2.1 48Gbs. Input signal plus on. 

Windows shows me that I have HDR but the TV says I don't and the image is very dark, grey and looks bad. Looks OK with HDR off.

Switching VRR/FreeSync off seems to help and HDR is displayed as it should. The TV tells me it gets HDR signal in that case but missing VRR is worse than lack of HDR. 
Any solution how to get 4K120Hz FreeSync on with working HDR? 


At this point sadly the only way to do so is to sell your 7900xtx and buy an Nvidia GPU

Journeyman III

Adrenalin 23.8.1

Known Issues: Display may not reach correct brightness with certain games on some SAMSUNG™ FreeSync Premium Pro displays and TVs when local dimming is enabled

Community Manager

Thank you for your patience whilst we investigated the behavior of AMD FreeSync Premium Pro on some Samsung TVs.

In the Known issues of the Adrenalin 23.8.1 release notes, the following issue is mentioned.

  • Display may not reach correct brightness with certain games on select SAMSUNG™ FreeSync Premium Pro displays and TVs when local dimming is enabled.

We have identified an issue where some games will disable local dimming causing AMD FreeSync Premium Pro modes to appear darker when converting from HDR10 sources. We intend to address this in a future driver release. This change will increase the brightness when using AMD FreeSync Premium Pro in those games.

We are currently looking at alternative solutions going forward to boost the display brightness further.

Once I can share more information with you all regarding these solutions, I will be back again to update the discussion. Please be assured that this issue will not be forgotten, but until that time, I appreciate your continued patience.

Thanks for the reply. So this will let us enable HDR with FreeSync Premium Pro? You are mentioning certain games, but I think one of the main problems here is the inability to activate both features


Its not just certain games. The same thing happens when you switch on HDR in windows settings while in game mode on Samsung tv. The desktop photo, browsing internet, everything gets darker and colors washed out.

@Matt_AMD I'm sorry for the original post. I was frustrated and took it out on you in this forum. I apologize. Hope you had a good day. Best of luck with this issue. 

Journeyman III

Is this fixed for anyone in the latest drivers 23.9.2?


No, its still really dimm

Journeyman III

Enabling High Dynamic Range (HDR) on a computer with an AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT graphics card and a Samsung QN90A TV can sometimes be a bit challenging due to compatibility issues and settings. Here are some steps you can follow to troubleshoot and resolve the problem:

  1. Check TV Compatibility: Ensure that your Samsung QN90A TV is HDR-compatible. Not all HDMI ports on a TV may support HDR, so make sure you're using an HDMI port labeled as HDR-capable.

  2. Update GPU Drivers: Make sure your AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT graphics card drivers are up to date. Visit the AMD website and download and install the latest drivers for your GPU.

  3. Enable HDR in Windows: Follow these steps to enable HDR in Windows:

    • Right-click on the desktop and select "Display settings."
    • Scroll down and click on "Windows HD Color settings."
    • Under "Display capabilities," make sure the toggle switch for "Play HDR games and apps" is turned on.
    • Scroll further down and ensure that "SDR content appearance" is set to "Let Windows decide."
  4. TV Settings: On your Samsung TV, go to the settings menu:

    • Press the "Home" button on your remote.
    • Navigate to "Settings."
    • Select "Picture."
    • Under "Picture Mode Settings," ensure that your picture mode is set to one of the HDR modes like "HDR Bright" or "HDR Standard." This may vary depending on your TV model.
  5. Check HDMI Cable: Ensure that you are using a high-quality HDMI cable that supports HDMI 2.0 or higher. Older cables may not be able to transmit the necessary HDR data.

  6. Resolution and Refresh Rate: Check the display settings on your computer. Ensure that your resolution and refresh rate are set to values supported by both your GPU and TV. HDR may require specific settings.

  7. Update TV Firmware: Ensure that your Samsung TV's firmware is up to date. Sometimes, firmware updates can address compatibility issues. You can usually check for updates in the TV's settings menu.

  8. Test with Different HDR Content: Try playing different HDR content, such as HDR videos or games, to see if the issue persists. Some content may not trigger HDR mode, so make sure you're using content that is known to support HDR.

  9. Restart Your PC and TV: Sometimes, simply restarting both your PC and TV can resolve connection and handshake issues.

  10. Check GPU Control Panel: Check the AMD Radeon control panel for any specific settings related to HDR. Adjusting these settings can sometimes help.

Journeyman III

I ran into this thread looking to solve the exact same issue, with the same TV, only on a 6950XT instead. I found a YouTube video that absolutely works, solved the problem completely for me. I'm linking it here with the hope maybe AMD can use what is done in this video to resolve this issue in the drivers. If not, hopefully others can at least solve it for themselves by jumping through this hoop. I am not the brilliant man in the video, I just ran across it.

This work around was fine previously using CRUD, however, with latest AMD driver releases this work around stopped working for me. If I uninstall and go back to 23.9.2 drivers, the work around works again.

Does your's still work with latest drivers from AMD?


Yes, mine is fine with the drivers released just a few days ago and the version before that. Only two drivers I have tried it on. 

Journeyman III

This work around was fine previously using CRUD, however, with latest AMD driver releases this work around stopped working for me. If I uninstall and go back to 23.9.2 drivers, the work around works again.

I guess after always being Nvidia and 3 months ago changing to AMD it's time to go back to Green.

Journeyman III

Not sure how this is not fixed, nor even mentioned in the known issues.   I have generally enjoyed AMD Graphics cards with few issues.  I have a 6900xt, I bought the Samsung G8 OLED excited for the HDR experience,  especially seeing how good HDR makes things look when I upgraded my main tv an LG c2 on a ps5.  I immediately said.... i have to get this on my pc....

Well shocker!  the amd HDR pipeline on Freesync Pro is actually hot garbage.  Most HDR settings on my Monitor become greyed out,  and the image is stuck to a very low max brightness,  to the point that SDR has brighter highlights.   People are reporting 400 nits on 2 % windows.   this monitor is capable of 1000 nits at 2%.  Did more research and NVIDIA does not have this problem.   What is going on?  Seeing the age of this post is very disheartening without a single response or recognition that Fressync Pro HDR is unusable.  It is to the point my next gpu upgrade will most likely be away from AMD.  AMD gets so many things right, but so many things wrong.  Please at least say you are working on the issue at least....

They'll probably never fix it as it's too niche for them and/or will or have blamed it on Samsung, *however* - here is the fix for it:

Just follow the steps in the video, it'll just take you 5 minutes to download CRU and set a custom resolution like they've detailed (specifically for fixing the Samsung problem) and voila. It's been working for over 6 months on mine, or since I found the video. I did have to redo it once after a DDU clean install of my drivers I believe, but other than that, it'll work.

Adept I

So, one year later and this problem hasn't been solved yet even though the customer support team is aware of issue. Recently I saw users on reddit and other forums who are hesitant whether to buy AMD card, linking to this post and asking if the problem has been fixed for Samsung TV users?


No this problem has not been fixed and will never be fixed because AMD doesn't give a sh*t!