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Journeyman III

PREPAR3D V4 Low FPS 1.5-6.0 on Radeon 7, for which i have RX560

MY Laptop Spesification

CPU - AMD FX-9830P RADEON R7, 12 COMPUTE CORES 4C+8G - 4 Cores
RAM - 8 GB

GPU1 - AMD Radeon R7 Graphics - Primary/Integrated/Hybrid
VRAM1 - 1024 MB - DDR4 1066 MHz

GPU2 - Radeon RX 560 Series - Discrete/Hybrid
VRAM2 - 4096 MB - GDDR5 1500 MHz

When i played PREPAR3D from Lockheed martin the FPS dropped 1.5  to 6.0, when i checked the graphic P3D using are Radeon 7 (there are no other option on P3D Graphic)

for For some moments ago, i played with no problem, the FPS were 15 to 30 fps, it was RX560 the P3D using as gpu

i did not make any changes at all.. but this problems suddenly occured. and i had been through any tutorials chats and anything but nothings comes up as solutions. 

are there anyway switcing between GPU1 (Primary/Integrated) with GPU 2, so i can have RX560 as primary GPU?


Are there any way to make my RX560 becomes the graphic that being used by Prepar3D ? 

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Adept I

You are trying to run a professional grade flight simulator on A LAPTOP...with the FX-9830P processor...ONLY 8GB or RAM memory...and some RX500 series GPU with ONLY 4GB of VRAM...expecting not to get TONS of weird problems and especially single digit framerates ?

No no lemme introduce myself - I am a computer scientist with 25 years of experience with both the systems and the flight simulators alike, as well as the PPL+IFR MEP rating...all the while owning a full home cockpit running on Prepar3D 4.5 HF2.

Your just too weak for a MONSTER like Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 4.

First of all...flight simulators like these are not meant to be run on laptops...whatever you saw, whatever some folks say, don't care, doesn't matter if it's Alienware or some other "ware" sh*t - laptop is laptop, it is wrong, it will not be okay, there will be problems, it will be uncomfortable, it will be too small...maaan, nothing will be cool with any laptop, okay ?

Now, there is no "but" - there is only you understanding what I write to you and understanding the wholehearted advice I'll give to you now:

If you are really a flight sim enthusiast, if you love it, if it is your passion - then sell your laptop and try to build a desktop PC...if not and if you really need a laptop, then you need to search for a model of this kind:

A solid foundation !

That means a solid motherboard and a good framework and airflow as well as the largest laptop dimensions in inches you can get - it will bear the weight of all the rest you throw at it, so better be something solid ! 

Then the most important component - at least some kind of Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 2000 series processor with AS HIGH CORE CLOCK AS YOU CAN GET !


You need to calculate flight model, physics, winds, weather, graphical elements that will then be sent to the GPU for rendering, internal airplane systems, avionics, other traffic, a lot of complex computers within a computer, aaaaaa.!!!


No, not cores, f**k cores...8-16 cores max...the important thing is that they are FAAAAST !

My old 4c/8t i7 6700K will shread the crap out of a CPU like the Threadripper with 32c/64t in any flight simulator like wolf a little kitten !

The RAM memory - minimum 16GB DDR4 - no mention of a sim running normally with less than that.

The CPU will process all the things I've mentioned, and that is a LOT of data, and it has to be held somewhere as it waits to be processed, or as it is kept in hand when needed....and that requires RAM MEMORY SPACE !
FAST RAM memory...because it has to move fast across the bridge to the CPU, GPU back and forth, etc.

That actually often requires more than 16GB, but can survive with 16GB just fine...but 8GB ?

You will will suffer hard....your system will make mistakes, you will see weird errors, strange things, unexplained, flight simulator will become a f***ing X-Files series !

GPU...comes last...yes it has to be good - but it comes last.

All of the things in the flight sim need processing first before it's time for the visual parts to come to the GPU to be rendered for us to see.

So...your present GPU RX560 is actually okay for running P3D on minimum...almost all sliders to the left and not all but most other visual options unticked.

If you want a relatively decent experience with the CPU and RAM memory that I've mentioned, to run the sim at like...30% of graphical details...then you wanna get AT LEAST GeForce 970 GTX...or if you want more then go with at least GeForce 1650.

The truth is - nVidia has a better support for the flight sims and they have up to 25% increase in FPS compared to AMD...unless we are talking about the big boys like VEGA with its HBM2 memory...that is another story...especially 2 x VEGA 64 in crossfire like I have...that is one extremely nice story that stomps any nVidia !
(costs money)


So there you go.

You got a reply from a scientist who works for...better not mentioning, who knows what the motherf****rs are up to now in these days...

But the truth is, I'm so bored like everyone else, so it just came to me to make a reply to somebody unknown to me and try to give some good teach somebody know.


I have the exact same laptop as yours - it serves only 2 purposes for my simulator and that is its maximum - it runs ActiveSky for weather...and Navigraph for charts.