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Journeyman III

PowerColor Red Devil 5700XT Driver Issues

So looking around on here, I see I'm not the only one with a PowerColor Red Devil 5700XT and absolute **bleep** drivers. Is AMD ever going to fix these??? I've been dealing with driver timeouts, system crashes, random reboots for MONTHS. This is seriously the absolute worst graphics card I have ever used and because of this, I will NEVER use ANY AMD product again, as I recommend to literally everyone I know. The fact that AMD gives ZERO response on this issue just shows how much they ACTUALLY care about their customers.  Absolutely PATHETIC that they cannot get this right. This is exactly why Nvidia is STOMPING you. Better build quality, better support, better everything. I honestly can't wait to get a 3090 and tweet them a video of me absolutely DESTROYING their **bleep** product

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Adept I

They won't answer to you because they know we customers are right. The 5xxx were a complete fail and they'll never admit that, the overall experience with AMD cards has been terrible. I can play better with a 1660ti from Nvidia than with a 5700xt.


Maybe ask PowerColor,They built the Card. I've had my ASUS STRIX 5700XT OC since Oct 2019 with No issues whatsoever.