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Adept I

possible 6950 Underperformance?


I just recently got a xfx 6950 xt, I believe i have done a clean driver install with DDU from my 6700xt.  I ran a couple of games on it and I feel like im not seeing the performance boost i was hoping for.  I have just a 1440P monitor and I ran Spiderman and insurgency sandstorm to test my new card but i feel like my fps boost was only 10-15 frames i believe.  Of course I don't remember the last settings I had on the game prior to swapping out my graphics card, but i tried lowering the quality of insurgency sandstorm and it felt like my performance got worse for some reason.  Im not sure if the games automaticaly adjust the graphics to a new card but, some thing feels off about it to me.  I was able to use razor cortex to look at my previous frame rates in game but I dont remember the quality I was running the game at prior to the new card.  I would appreciate any help or insight, on to what i think im seeing, or if im just crazy and its running  fine.  My specs are a Ryzen 7 3700x, XFX 6950 Xt, game max 750w ps, 16 gbt ram 3600mh, 2 ssds.  I have also tried using msi afterburner to see if i can see anything weird going on but everything seems fine and the card is maintaining its clock speed.

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