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Journeyman III

PLEASE HELP! Terrible Performance with PCVR on a 5600xt.

I recently purchased an Oculus Quest 2 and figured I might as well use my PC to play VR games. My specs are a Thicc 3 5600xt, 2700x, 16gb 3000mhz ram, and a 750w psu. I have tried running games like VR chat and Vader Immortal 3 from my PC and they ran terribly. I couldn’t understand why so I recorded the gameplay on my PC and it looked buttery smooth and sharp but when actually playing, the games were running at a solid 7fps and low resolution. I tried running the games with both a wired connection and a wireless connection (I have good internet) to the computer. I’m assuming it’s a problem with the encoder but I’m not sure if it’s something I can fix. Something that is completely unrelated is when I run a normal PC game for a little while and switch over to YouTube, I cant watch videos that are even 1080p without it buffering like crazy. I restart my PC and I can watch 4k60fps videos with no problems. 

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Adept II


If you are using either of the March drivers (21.3.1 or 21.3.2) update to the new April drivers (21.4.1) or roll back to the last Feb drivers (21.2.3), the March drivers really mess up VR.
Regards: Jack