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Adept I

Pleasantly surprised by my 6600xt

I was lucky enough to get a 3070 on launch day last year but I've barely used my PC for gaming in nearly six months now so I decided to sell it and downgrade. I managed to sell it for £300 more than I could get a brand new retail 6600xt, and I must say I was hesitant after seeing all the negative press about them but considering it was either that or £50 more for a single fan Palit 3060, I decided that the triple fan XFX 6600xt was probably a better option, and I must say I've been impressed so far, with a little settings tweaking here and there, lower AA etc, in most games it doesn't feel like a massive downgrade and I'm more than happy with it so far.


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Adept II

I just wanna chime in here and say I got my 6600XT Nitro+ in August for £400 and have been really enjoying it, runs perfectly at high refresh rate (170hz) on 1440p with decent framerates after dropping a couple settings like Ambient Occlusion.

B550 Unify - 5800X3D - 7900XTX - 32GB RAM