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Adept I

planning to add two 6700xt to 5950 + x 570 mboard need help with pcie lane and power supply

need technical help regarding if i want to add dual 6700xt to ryzen 9 5950x in x570 mboard .

m confused at max pcie lane supported by 5950 are 24 but one 6700xt need or placed at 16 lane?  wat happens to 2nd card  and

if i have to add additional m.2 & sound card will it work? 

 which power supply is suited for this build?


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From PCPartPicker Website. Here are all the compatible Motherboards for your Ryzen 9 5950X:

Click on the motherboard at the above link and it will tell you if it supporsts Dual GPU Cards or not.

Check the Motherboard you choose and go to it Manufacturer Support site and see if it supports Dual GPU cards. Most of the newest Motherboards support a minimum of 2 GPU cards.

Most sound cards use a PCIex1 lane so it won't be an issue. 

As for the M.2 check the Manufacturer's Motherboard Specs and see what lanes it uses or disables when installed.

According to AMD the RX6700XT requires a minimum PSU of 650 Watts.

Go to this PSU Website and input all the hardware you will be using and it will show you the Minimum PSU Wattage required to run your PC:

NOTE: Personally with two high powered GPU cards and a high power CPU,  I would consider a 1000 Watt Metal rated PSU or higher.





I concur with elstaci as another 6700XT will require about another 230 max watt's to the base wattage of what was stated. There for about 880 watts, yet one might want a bit more overhead for the possibility of needing more case fans as there will additional heat to be dissipated from ones case. So yes 1,000 watt power supply should suffice.

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