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Journeyman III

PC keep freeze so i flash bios my RX 580, now it show artifacts, Red Devil rx 580 8gb user help


[in sort]
my RX 580 show artifacts after i flash bios use AMDVBFlash / ATI ATIFlash 2.93

why i choose version 2.93 instead the latest ?


i follow the step but after that my pc showing artifacts when watching video youtube
i try to flash again (maybe corrupt file)
i try to install adrenalin and driver after that
it still artifacts when watching video youtube

so i hope is still fixable because is not hardware problem

for now i focus to fix the artifact 


this is bios i download

sadly i dont know i must backup previous bios, before flash

someone who have same GPU
can i copy your bios file ? using GPU-Z


[long story]
why i flash bios from the first place
So i have some issue with my PC, it keep freeze randomly and need to force shutdown everytime

i assume it from my GPU, because mostly it happen after i finnish install adrenalin and the drivers
and everytime my pc freeze must force shutdown 
and when i turn on my pc again ,sometime my pc make 5 beep sound

and the device manager showing error at my display driver, mostly i just need disable unable and the yellow alert gone
BUT pc freeze again

i use AMD clean or DDU everytime i need reinstall
i try different version adrenalin
i try install driver only

i try use basic windows driver (but cant play game)

my pc keep freezing randomly..

thats why i try to flash bios, because maybe my gpu bios corrupt because i keep forcing shutdown

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