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Journeyman III

Pairing Ryzen 5700G APU with nVidia Graphic Card for Triple/Quadruple All Digital Monitor

Hello everybody,  I apologize if this subject already discussed before. I search the web but found no definitive answer. 

I recently bought Ryzen 5700G with Gigabyte B450M S2H Rev 1.1. This motherboard has 3 display output (D-Sub, DVI and HDMI) which is why I bought it. I have 2 LG22MK430 and 1 Samsung TV.

I connected my 2 monitor (which accept D-Sub and HDMI input) to motherboard DVI (converted to HDMI using converter) and HDMI output. All working properly at extend mode 1920x1080.

1st problem is previously I connected motherboard D-Sub output to monitor, but resolution stuck in 1440x900@75hz, no matter what drivers I try (downloaded from Gigabyte, latest WHQL and non-WHQL from AMD) it won't detect 1920x1280@60hz (option not available in Windows 11, fresh install). These 2 monitor + 1 TV is previously used in i5-6500 with onboard GPU (D-Sub, DVI and HDMI all working simultaneusly) no problem at all.

2nd question is can I add discrete graphic card like GT 730 (HDMI output connected to TV) and expect to use it simultaneusly with Ryzen APU? in short: Can this configuration working properly?

Ryzen APU connected to 2 monitor via motherboard DVI and HDMI output.

GT 730 connected to TV via card's own HDMI output.

Thank you for your reply, sorry if my question is very long. I spent 3 days trying to make 2 monitor + 1 tv working with these new Ryzen system but I give up.

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