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Journeyman III

One fan is not spinning on RX 7900 XTX


Only one of my RX 7900 xtx is not spinning even if I try to turn it on with a software.

Is it a hardware default or can I fix it ? 


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Did you purchase the RX7900XTX from AMD directly or it is a OEM (Gigabyte, MSI, Asus, etc) GPU made card?

See if all the fans on the GPU card turns on for a second or so when you boot up. Generally when BIOS checks the GPU card all the fans turns of for a second or so and then turn off.

Did all the fans turn on at boot up?

Try stress testing the GPU card. When the GPU card starts to get hot or overheating all the fans should be running at maximum rate.

I suggest using OCCT GPU to stress test your GPU card. Keep a close eye on temperatures, Fan speeds and PSU Outputs while testing. You can also run the PSU test just to make sure you don't have any power issues with your PSU.

If the fan still doesn't turn on when the GPU card starts to overheat or the Hot Spot starts reaching it maximum operating temperature of 110c then turn power off and physically rotate the fan that doesn't turn. Do you feel any type of resistance at all or when you spin it fast do you hear any noises.

Compare that with the fan that is working and see if you physically see any difference.

Otherwise if the fan is still under Warranty I suggest you open a Warranty Ticket to see if the GPU needs to be checked and repaired or replaced.

Journeyman III


Thank you for you answer.

I didn't buy my card on, but it's a basic model from sapphire.

I tried the OCCT stress test, i reached a maximum of 94°C but the fan still wouldn't spin. It also doesn't spin when BIOS start (unlike the other two fans).

When I try to spin them manually I don't feel any difference with others.

And finally, if I try to activate fans with a software (msi afterburner for example), it still doesn't work.

Fortunately my graphic card is under warranty so I'll exchange it because I just think the fan is dead.

Thanks for your help !


In my opinion Sapphire will just probably replace the fan under Warranty rather then replace the entire unit unless the actual GPU PCB Board is bad.

But, yes, I would have the GPU RMAed to be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Sapphire.