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Journeyman III

No 4k resolution available?

Hey folks,

After an abortive attempt to upgrade my graphics card, I have re-installed my AMD Firepro W7100. However, it is not giving me an option for 4k resolution(which I was using yesterday before I tried to install a new card).

The PC is a dual xeon running on an Asus Z19PE-D16 WS, 64GB of RAM running Windows 10 pro x64. Graphics card is a FirePro W7100, monitor is an LG Ultra HD 43" using certified 4k cables that I cannot stress enough was running 4K yesterday. I don't have the PSU brand on hand but it's rated, everything was working a few days ago.

I have tried the latest 19.Q4 driver, the 18.Q4 that it was running on before, and an even older 16.2.1 driver I had on hand. No matter what, it still says 1920x1080(Recommended) as the highest available resolution.

The PC is currently connected directly to the monitor using a "Benfei"-bran DP to HDMI adapter that was working previously.

As to where this whole mess started: I was attempting to replace the single FirePro and an ancient R230 with a pair of shiny new nVidia cards. They turned out to have some support ability issues that make them incompatible with my setup, so I reinstalled the FirePro and plan to just buy a second one to support additional screens. In the meantime I've used the DDU tool to do several clean uninstalls and re-installs of various drivers. Unfortunately I did not have the foresight to create a windows restore point before starting all of this because I am an idiot.

I have read of a few people resolving similar problems by loading older drivers, but so far this has not worked. Any other suggestions, or an exact driver to try?

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Journeyman III

Well, to anyone else who may stumble across this; the never-fail combination of random tinkering and blind dumb luck seems to have solved the problem. After the 8th clean driver install I loaded an 18.q1.1 driver and was able to get 4k immediately. I can still only get 2 monitors to work off the 4-headed card(only 1 4k screen, though) but I'm sure my tried and true method will work.