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Journeyman III

New GPU, slowed down PC

I have an HP 500 189. I recently upgraded from the integrated HD 8570, to an RX 550. I went from playing CSGO at 720p at 100+ fps, to 800x600 at less than 60 fps. It is ridiculous, because i got a new Power supply, new gpu, and got it professionally installed at Memory Express, and it is working like crap. One thing I noticed is my usage flashes between 0%, up to 20%, and all of a sudden 100% for a few seconds, then drops down again. Temps are normal. Need help!

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Journeyman III

Hello there, im having the same problem but mine is even worse, switched from gt 230 ddr3 2gb to rx 550 8gb gddr5 and my windows lags alot its not even useable, everything lags; Did you manage to fix it? if yes please help me..