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Journeyman III

My RX570 Fans are not spinning

My RX570 FANS are not spinning at startup or under load ..but if the gpu overheat the fans run at full speed and the gpu crashes (and black screen ) .. my psu is old (coolermaster thunder 450W)

GPU Model XFX RX 570 RS XXX 4GB OC+ Edition

PSU Coolermaster Thunder 450W

proc core i7 3770

MOBO Intel dh67bl 

ram 16gb ddr3 1600mhz 

Please help , thanks in advance

1 Reply

Seems to be quite a common problem with XFX video cards had the same issue with my XFX 5700XT.

The GPU has a zero fan mode so they aren't supposed to turn on at low temps.

The fans turning on when the card overheats is it switching to software control but clearly it's doing it too late.

Try the cards second bios and see if it behaves differently.

There should be a small switch on the back of the card near the power connectors.

If that doesn't work you can use something like MSI afterburner to use a software fan curve which will at least let you use the card until you get the problem fixed.

There doesn't seem to be a bios update for you card currently but you should put a support ticket in with XFX and see if they have a fix.