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Journeyman III

My rx480 wont display fans wont run when booted i tried with another card but still doesnt display

Hi I have an Sapphire rx480 nitro 8gb oc and yesterday i was just browsing the internet when suddenly my pc restarted,

but when it restarted it has no display i tried to shut down my pc and tried it for 30 mins but still no display so i tried disassembling the case and tried removing the card.

when i touched the card its too hot and the pci slot is too hot so i tried applying new thermal paste on the gpu, but still no luck still no display so i removed the card and tested my gtx 1050 on my pc but still no display. also i tried testing my rx480 on my other pc but the rx480 still not displays..
I have msi z270m for my motherboardwhat is the problem? is my motherboard the problem or my rx480?

can this issue still be fixed?

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