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Journeyman III

My GPU seems to be broken after the drivers 23.9.1

After the new update my monitor goes black after a short flash causing it to not respond anymore. I tried to remove and insert the gpu back in the PCIE 3.0 and the issue seemed to be solved but then again it happened during a gaming session on Doom Eternal, League of Legends or even by clicking on a file explorer tab. I have no idea what to do in this case, I even tried to change to PCIE 2.0 and for once again it seemed to be solved but after few hours of playing the screen turned black again and I was forced to hard reset the PC. Could it be due to a manifacture issue? This GPU has almost 1 year and I did overclock and undervolt it although the temperatures where always below 60 and the stability was okay on the long run.

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