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Journeyman III

my gigabyte vega 56 cards started visual artifacting for now reason!!!! Help

Recently bought 2 vega 56 oc edition from gigabyte on amazon. The cards where fine then suddenly after playing a games after the last driver update I started having visual artifacts in games. Whats weird is that in game I have artifacts and heating of the cards thus the artifacts happen. When I go to my main screen (desktop) the artifacts go away. I tried again today and the card started artifacting in game at the beggining with gpu temps of 45 degrees celsius. I have researched everything even checked the gpu bios it has the F5 version wich is the last version of the bios. I just can put my head around it. didnt have heating problems now i do, thought the card is faulty but no artifacts on desktop, and I will even open up the cards in a couple of day to check the thermal paste. In wattman I did the undervolt and chill on both cards as well. are these bad cards that were on sale from gigabyte or are they a driver issue. If its a usual heating problem what can I do to cool the VRM on the card itself would thermal pads help or copper heatsinks. I am at a point that I am almost giving up on these cards and putting them on the shelf. I would love to have anyones advice on the matter if possible. Thank you.

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