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Journeyman III

My amd Radeon Tm 520 not work in some game

When i playing Dota2,LoL my card working normaly. But when i try to play Artifact or Fifa online 4 it not work. I check in my task manager. Please help me and sorry for bad english.

My laptop is Dell vostro 3578. CPU i5 8250u. Ram 8GB. Win 10

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Adept I

Same problem in some games. Radeon 530. I think this problem in optimization or crossfire(dual grathics) for this game. Amd make crossfire profile support just for somegames like Resident Evil 6 or COD Black Ops 2, for some popular game like Dota 2. But for new or old but not popular they are wont do it. Amd if you read this. pls make more crossfire profile support, for many games, we need this!