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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

MSI Radeon RX Vega 56 Air Boost, 8 Go HBM2 100%fan or black screen that freezes the whole pc

So I'll explain my self. I bought several parts of the PC to build it my self because it was cheaper and better since I know exactly what I am doing in it and that I could be the only one to blaim if something went whorg or something. And after several searches I foud out that the Vega RX 56 was a pretty decent GPU to start with since my budget was 700€. So I bought the parts, spend 1 day mounting it sice it was the firts time I did something like this, had a friend with me for help, good time spend doing sometgins as stressfull as exciting. 

Booting the pc, nothing wrong, windows check, drivers check, everything was perfect !! I could play all the games I wanted in ultar if it could please me. Several weeks alter the first blue screen appears !! Stressed but wanting to do all I could possibly do to fix my beauty, I spend days on the internet finding what was wrong. I figured out that Windows could be the problem !! Sooo I did my best to repair it with CMD commands with all that stressfull stuff that somebody like me does not fully enderstant !! 

Days maybe weeks later, I found out that if my GPU was too high in the temperature it could shut down the screen and went into a 100% fan speed which at the moment scared the crap out of me to be honest. Shutting down the PC, booting it UP, nothing happened, all clear. And it dit that several times, but I was smart !! And I tried to look into the WattMan configs. I saw fans, i demanded that the fans will go up to 60% at 63°C and when it reaches 75°C it could go up to 70%. 

That problem was solved, despite the loud noises of the fans I could play without any fear. But, days ? Not even days, one day after i could have 1 shut down at least by freezing the screen, the sound and the whole PC but no more 100% fan speed. Well, I let that be, craping my pants because I knew my PC could crash at anny moment even playing games like Terraria or Minecraft without mods. 

And willing to take care of my little and cheap beast I wanted to find clues on the internet about the blue screens (Because yeah sometimes I get blue screens "thread stuck in machine device") and what the hell could that be !! I mean c'mon !! I already spend a whole week trying to fix my PC not again !! I founded out that it could be drivers fault, windows fault, recently I found out that in fact it was BIOS driving not up to date and I dit a lot of things.

First of trying to uninstall competly the AMD dirvers, going into on fail mod ? Safe mod ? Something like that, craped my pants because "Safe mod" is so freacking scarry, and tried to install again the driver ... but I had an error every single freacking time that didn't allowed me to continu. I said to my self "Oh yeah whatever, safe mode pff not that big of a deal" so I installed drivers normally because I tried a second time to fix my windows and it did not worked, I mean CMD commands told me that windows 10 has on more problems and that all was cool. 

Then, on this site I figured out a guy had the same problem as me !! And told us that updating BIOS drivers is the key to stop all thoes freacking and annoing crashes that makes me feel as my PC dies after signel one of them (I need to precise that after a while I'd have only 3 or 4 per week, but meh ... still sad to not endesrstant how to fix it ...) AND I did what he told, managed to install te good version for my BIOS all happy ... crash again playind Dead by Daylight ... So that's why I am hoping to find awnsers here ... and try to fix this problem because I've had enough of all of this ... and it is sad to see my computer shutting down without any "reasons". 

Thermaltake Smart RGB, 700W

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (3.4 GHz)

MSI Radeon RX Vega 56 Air Boost, 8 Go HBM2Asus PRIME B450M-A

DDR4 Ballistix Sport LT, Rouge, 16 Go (2 x 8 Go), 2666 MHz, CAS 16

And also !! I have 1 SSD with my windows and all my drivers and a To hard disk that is composed only with games and stuff. I am also sorry for all grammar mistakes that I did, Englis is the third language that I learned so I am a bit shady with it. 

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