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Journeyman III

MSI Radeon Rx 5700xt stuttering, crashing, etc

I'm new to PC gaming and am needing some assistance with my Radeon Rx 5700xt issues. I've had issues with Valorant and Call of Duty (modern warfare and cold war) over the past several weeks. I had issues with stuttering yet my ping and latency was fine. I then downloaded Windows 10 recently and I can hardly play Call of Duty for 5 mins without my PC shutting off on its own and I have to turn off the power supply and reboot. I've had my build since October and had no issues until this month. Software and bios are updated. 

Rest of my specs:

MSI Radeon Rx 5700 XT 8gb gaming X GPU

Ryzen 5 2600

Asus ROG strix B450-F gaming ATX motherboard

16 GB Ram, DDR4

650 W Bronze power supply



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