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Journeyman III

MSI 6800XT multipule issues

Hey all.

Been having a bit of trouble with my 6800XT lately. Here's a list of the issues:

1: Random flickering of the image. It works fine 99% of the time, the out of nowhere, the screen goes black for about 2 seconds before it returns to normal. It happens seemingly at random, as I have not found any pattern to what triggers it.

2: Green screen of death. Yup, just goes green and reboots. After reboot, it often gets stuck on postcode 62 (Aorus) which states PCH runtime installation. From what little I've read it seems to be soemthing with the PCI-e X16 connection to the card. But couldn't really find a clear answer.

3: when I try to use a thrid monitor, it just goes green and when I finally get back into the OS, it works for about 3 - 5 sec before rebooting with green screen. 

4: I also experience random stutter in video playback. Even when nothing else is running.

5: SAM cannot be activated no matter how many times I do the correct things in BIOS (Probably a motherboard issue) 


MSI wasn't much help, just telling me to talk to a local tech and not offering much more support than that.

Card is past warranty so RMA is not an option. Got any good tips?



Ryzen 3900X

32gb Tridant Z 3600mhz

X570 Aorus Master


MSI 6800XT Gaming TrioX

3 Replies

With most common fix list:

1. Disable MPO. Disable GPU scaling. Or disable HW Acceleration everywhere it is possible on your choise.

Little help, if you decide to disable MPO. . .

2. Hmmm? Either use direct connection to motherboard (if you use PCI-E rizer right now), or try to reseat GPU.

3. Check cable connection and cable quality. Try to disable MPO

4. Reinstall driver cleanly. When in safe mode run AMD Cleanup Utility first, then you can run DDU afterwards. Disable MPO. Frequency of stutters should be reduced. 

5. Reset BIOS to default. Reinstall BIOS (even if it same version). Then enable "Above 4G Decoding" AND "Resizable Bar support" BEFORE you boot to the system first time. BIOS remembers forever if it was disabled on first boot for some reason. (At least it was like that for me, but i do have Gigabyte mobo)

Thank you for the tips.

Going to give it a shot and see if it works. The card is plugged into the motherboard direct with no riser cable.

The "Above 4G decoding" only says disable and auto. Even after several BIOS updates and "rollbacks".

But I'll try again.


Might even pick the card apart just for the hell of it.


Ah, yeah, you must set it to Auto. 
Disable is forced off, but Auto means "enabled support", which allows you to Disable/Enable it from system via this toggle.