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Journeyman III

Msi 6800 Low power consumption

Well the problem with the card no matter what i do the card cant past 89 watts  i tried everything the past 3 days driver clean fresh install windows reinstalled bios up to date i play all game and max watt i get is 89w. in some game its make it soo laggy spiky stutter fps and mhz badly drops my temps never go above 57-58 i even set watt limit 15% and still no change its like there something blocking the external power 

mobo aorus b450 pro wi fi

ram corsair veng 3200mhz 

cpu ryzen 7 2700

psu corsair tx750m

rx 6800 msi gaming x trio

i run on nvme and i got ssd and hd

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You need a different PSU. That only allows for one PCIe with a dongle and it can carry the proper amount of current on one line for that card. I'm using a Corsair RM750x, it has 4 X PCIe power ports and an 8 pin motherboard port. By spec a single line is only good for ~300W and 9A and you really want each carrying no more than 150W/7A. That card will use ~300W  and 14A or so. Try changing to a PSU with 750W and at least 2 x PCIe power ports. If that doesn't get it working, RMA the card. That's like trying to suck ice cream through a straw ! Corsair should be ashamed and know better than that.

"It worked before you broke it!"