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Adept I

Mouse cursor artefacts on half the screen

Hello Red Team, I finally changed back to AMD GPUs 3 days ago and switched my 3080ti for a new 7900XTX (Sapphire Nitro+). Pretty cool looking card. So I fired up DDU and deleted all Nvidia related stuff Installed this adrenalin software thing and started gaming. Everything was fine but then a day later while in windows my Mouse cursor had artefacts on half the screen. The left side is fine but on the right there is this artefact square around it. This is while the GPU has nothing to do in desktop. A restart fixes it but it may appear on the next restart. Its only the Mouse cursor and nothing else. I switched back to my old RTX3080ti and it was fine.. But haven that card sold now and this problem randomly appears I really need help.

Windows 11 with 23.3.2 drivers on a LG 45GR95QE-B









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Adept I

Anyone who has this problem too, its Driver related.

How'd you fix it, I have the same issue, on a 6600 with my cursor corrupting and with the screen corrupting under it