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Journeyman III

Monitor not Working after Install new Vega 56


I already tried almost everything, even to call the support doesn't helped.

I upgraded my Pc from a Nvidia Gtx 970 up to a Asus Rx Vega 56 OC. 

After I installed the new one everything worked fine, but a I installed all the Drivers my Main monitor (4k) showed me that there is no signal. But It works until the windows loading screen appiers. In the Safe mode of windows it works as well.

Until yesterday everything worked when I changed those Graphic cards. 

I already :

Reset Bios

Upgrade Bios

Reinstalled all drivers

Used Display Driver Uninstaller and Uninstalled all of AMD and Nvidia

But the pc recognizes the monitor when it doesn't work and even show it to me on the display tab as monitor 1.

I have no idea what else it could cause this problem. 

Is there someone with the same problems or knows how to fix mine? 





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