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Journeyman III

Monitor connections

Why is there only room for 3 monitors on the new video cards. I need 4.

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Adept II

Can't find confirmation, but why not get a usb-c to hdmi adapter, or cable?


They may also support daisy chained display port or display port hubs. 

I personally agree with you. They really should have had at least another display port. 

Honestly another display port and one more HDMI would have been awesome. 

Regardless they had plenty of space to put more in.

Talk to AMD support about what your choices are with their card.

Or talk to the AIB partner support departments if you are going to get one of theirs. 

I will mention @fsadough . He is on the pro side of the cards but he has been in the past the best expert on these connection questions, so maybe he can answer exactly what you would want to add to get a 4th display port connected to RDNA2. 



I think 3 display ports, and a usb c plus an adapter for displayport to hdmi would have made the most sense.  Displayport can do everythin hdmi can plus some, and usb c is nice for those of us that have vr headsets that support them.  Also, eventually everything will likely be usb c cables.


Which product are we talking about here? 


He is talking about the new 6800 and XT that only have the one HDMI and 2 Display ports. What are the options for hooking up 4 monitors. And what additional hardware might be needed please.  I assume he  could use 4 display port connections and maybe a mix of 1 HDMI too if need be. 


RX 6000 series have 4x display outputs:

  • 2x DP 1.4
  • 1x HDMI 2.1
  • 1x USB-C

Use an USB-C to DP adapter or USB-C to HDMI adapter to get the 4th display 


Can the card support more than 4 connections through any other adapters? Say you have a VR headset too and are already using the USB-C?


You get 6x displays in total. In that case you will need to purchase an MST-Hub


DisplayPort can daisy chain with the right monitors.  So you could get 4 DP monitors (2 x 2 daisy chained), then 1 hdmi, and 1 usb c.  That is a whole lot of monitors.

I personally just have a giant 4k and that is great for me, but to each their own.  Hope you find a solution you are looking for.  I also have not found a max total resolution, or max monitor listing, so it may not be released at this point.  Would be nice to know.


A lot of people use lots of monitors. Our accountant uses 6 so he can have all the information up at one times. I know stock brokers sometimes have walls full of monitors. 


I know the old Matrox company still makes specialty cards for supporting large amounts of monitors. I believe they also only use AMD gpus in their designs. 


You can also have 8x monitors using 2x Radeon Pro WX4100 for instance