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Journeyman III

Minecraft Java not using GPU

Windows 10 64bit

RX480 4gb latest driver (updated yesterday)


Latest AMD software (updated yesterday)


This seems to be a common fault but I cant seem to get any of the fixes to work. I have set Minecraft and the relevant javaw.exe files to high performance in "graphics preference", it recognises the GPU there. I have even tried to disable onboard video in BIOS, but every time I open minecraft I get poor performance and 100% CPU usage with no GPU usage.

Anything I can do with the latest version of Radeon software to help fix this?

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Journeyman III

Same problem.

No solution found yet.


Read through this >

Add Minecraft Java application to GPU Settings

If you are using the Java version of Minecraft you will need to also add the java application to the GPU 3D Programs list to force the system to use the integrated GPU instead of the dedicated Graphics Unit. We will first find out the path of the Java application being used by Minecraft and then add the Java application based on that location.