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Adept I

min GPU clock issue

I have a question in respect to the min gpu clock on Liquid devil 7900XTX

I use mouse movement recorder to monitor mouse acceleration and have found since switching to AMD LD 7900XTX even tho the core clock is set to 500mhz as a min.
Yet when on idle im seeing 0mhz at times (even after disabling ULPS within MSI afterburner.)

No matter what i do i cannot get the gpu clock to stay at 500mhz as a min on idle.

I see negative and positive mouse acceleration when moving the mouse very slowly normally at around 2-10hertz polling rate, but can happen at different rates too as you move the mouse around the screen, this goes away once gpu clock is raised higher than its low idle state. For instance if i play a video file via VLC it will raise GPU clock and the acceleration inconsistency stops occureing.

Is anyone else been able to force a min gpu clock using adrenaline driver software which actually applies to idle state??min GPU CLOCK .jpg

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