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Graphics Cards

Adept I

Might not buy a VEGA due to signature checking. User choice is why I go with AMD.

The recent decision for AMD to verify BIOSes may have good intentions, but preventing a user from controlling his/her own hardware is a worrisome trend. I went with AMD because of nVidia's anti-consumer practices. Security features that lock out the owner is unacceptable and the practice needs to stop.

A hardware jumper allowing users to bypass said checks should be offered for those that do not consume DRM-encumbered content on their PC. Also, locking threads because they call out a bad practice isn't ethical either. I'm not some RMS fanboy, either. I just prefer not to be locked out of my own devices.

I think the whole PSP issue with Ryzen was solved when you allowed motherboard vendor to include an option to disable the PSP in your CPUs. The same must be done for your GPUs to maintain my trust in AMD products.

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