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Journeyman III

Maybe it's time to fix AMD for DayZ?

Hello fellas,

Why is DayZ running so bad on high-tier 6800XT? In cities frames drop to mid 40ish. it's barely unplayable, my old 3060 did a much better job than this

I've already tried DDU, fresh windows install, tried to play with the settings, but nothing works. As I read some posts in forums, I'm not the only one out here with bad frames with AMD graphics card, maybe it's time you guys do something? I paid for this graphics card huge money (in a crypto mining era) , and I can't play a 10-year old game, on the worst settings possible.. I've tried every single setting on DayZ, the best performance I get is on Poor settings, but when you get into a city, It drops to 40, sometimes even 30. I really don't want to go back to NVidia, but if the problem persists, maybe I should?

BTW., Am I the only one getting a really poor pixelated (like white dots, poor quality exc.) on trees, sometimes on grass, because my 3060 doesn't have that problem?

And I know that it's a GPU/drivers problem, because when I switched back to my 3060, problems went away, FPS rarely drops below 80-90.

System :

R7 5700X;


32GB running 3600MHz;

512GB NVme;

750W Gold+ rated PSU;


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Journeyman III

For me its same on rx 6900 XT. Im seriously thinking about switching to NVIDIA.

Adept I

I was thinking of playing DayZ again. 6800m here with ryzen 9 5900hx 32 gig ram.

Got latest drivers and gpu was going down to very low usage next to towns. I downloaded drivers from 1 year and a half ago lol i think they are 22.4 or something.

Dayz is working great with gpu full power anywhere !

How is this possible ????

Adept I

I even saw gpu going up to 2400+ speed which never happens with lastest drivers that dont go over 2200 or so.

GPU stays under 76C which is very good for a laptop....