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Journeyman III

Low utilisation in valorent 100-200 FPS range


i get low fps for my build. i just get like 100-200 fps on Valorant and CS. Friends with worse specs are even getting more. The Problem is that only 30% of my GPU is getting used. 

my specs are

gpu: 6600xt

cpu: 4650G

Mobo: B450 Gaming plus max

Ram: 16 GB 3200 mhz

I tried: 

- all updates (windows, chipset, driver)

- DDU and new install of drivers


GPU usage in Valorant Homescreen


GPU usage in Game

(I already changed the mhz of ram in Bios after the screenshots)

GPU Auslastung davor.pngGPU Auslastung in game.png


2 Replies
Adept II

Sounds like Windows is trying to balance (incorrectly) between your iGPU and discrete 6600XT. 

Click on Windows Search, and type "Graphics Settings" You will see a "Graphics Performance Preference" section, where you can "Choose an app to set a preference". Browse to the Valorant executable and you should see it populate in the settings window. Click 'Options' and choose "High Performance" which should use the 6600 XT.  The default setting looks to be "Let Windows decide" on all apps. Good luck!

Thank you. My iGpu is deactivated and i already had Valorant on "high".