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Adept I

Low Radeon VII usage (no cpu bottleneck)

For some reason, recently in a couple of my games I started getting low GPU usage (around 60-70%). My frames have also dropped significantly. One thing I change before I got this drop in gpu usage was removing the gpu and putting it back in, I also swapped the ram out with other modules and put it back in. Also, my usage of watts went down from 550 on average to 390-450.

My PC specs are as follows:

mobo: x9dri-f

cpu: 2x e5-2667v2 watercooled (i know they are xeons, dont' write replies saying that it is their fault that I am getting this loss in performance, they are good chips for gaming and workstation tasks and I have barely lost any noticeable fps from them)

ram: 5x 16gb samsung 1866mhz ddr3

psu: thor platinum 1200 watt

gpu: radeon vii

This is the benchmark in Rainbow six siege, my in game frames are much lower. Now I run at around 120-140 FPS, before I used to run at a stable 180-190 FPS. Benchmarks before this drop in gpu usage with the same settings were 240 FPS.

I really appreciate any help, thanks and feel free to ask any questions!


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