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Adept I

Low performance on AMD RX 5700?

So I got an RX 5700 a couple weeks back and now that the black screen issue seems to be fixed I've realized something... my RX 5700 is weak as hell, at least I think?

I only get a score of 2300 on Unigine Heaven,

GTA V runs over 120 FPS most of the time then suddenly I'll look some specific way and it drops to 60, sometimes under,

Battlefield V doesn't seem to have the performance I would've wished for either, in benchmarks I see people getting over 120 FPS at ALL time, and I myself drop to 70 FPS in maps such as Rotterdam, I've also been suffering from a decent amount of microstutter,

Far Cry 5 also has microstutter despite high framerate,

And Mirror's Edge Catalyst stutters alot, apart from that some games run fantastic such as Forza Horizon 4, which at Ultra settings runs at 120+ FPS at almost all times...

This is on a clean 20.2.2 install, with a Ryzen 7 2700x, 16 GB of RAM, on an SSD, And I'm not sure wether that's a driver issue or a faulty card.

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