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Journeyman III

Low fps in DOTA after i upgrade 6700xt


As you can see in the title,i upgrade my 1070 to 6700xt. The difference it's so huge,i can play every AAA game on full ,i got decent fps,its smooth but i have a problem with my DOTA2. in CSGO i understand that it's a CPU game and after i upgrade to 6700xt there was abosolutlly no difference at all. not even 10fps but the biggest shock was when i play DOTA2. with my 1070 i got easly 90-100 fps while fighing,laning etc. with everything on high,1080p but with my 6700xt i just have at the beggining when im alone around 150fps then all the game,while i farm,i fight and everything i have around 70-80. i made that post because last game i had there was a big fight and my fps was 40 which for me its impossible. Never in my life i got under 60fps with 1070,not even in the biggest fight and i had it for 4 years.. i try different settings but i can't find the problem because in my opinion there is a problem. i understand that this game is also CPU consuming but i mean all the animation,the effects and everything its from GPU. I have i7 8700, 32gb at 2666mhz, PSU 650W from super flower. Maybe there is someone with the same problem as mine and he found the answer. thank you and sorry for my bad english,i hope you understand what i meant to say:P

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