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Journeyman III

Looking for graphics adapter with passiv cooling and 4K support

Has anybody a recommendation for a graphics adapter with passiv cooling and 4K support.

I have only found some from nvidia, but the Linux support is a pain in the…

I don’t need any 3D performance but I need 4K support with 60Hz for developing.

I have only found adapters with HD 5450 chipset. They have only HDMI 1.3a. For 4K I need at least HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.4.

Does anybody knows any other good alternative. At the moment I have not a single fan in my desktop PC. I hope it remains with my new graphics adapter.

Thank you in advance

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Not too many to choose from since most GPU cards are high powered and requires very good Cooling to keep them from overheating.

Why are you interested only in Passive Cooling GPUs?

From a previous thread Link concerning Passively cooled GPU Cards. This link has been updated for 2023. It includes both Nvida and AMD GPU Cards that uses both DP 1.4 or HDMI 2.0 version outputs:

If it is the noise issue you could purchase a powerful Active Non-Passive GPU card and replace the fans with a custom GPU AIO Cooler such as:


Thanks for the links. This was the best recommendations I have found in the last days.

But unfortunately the most amazon links in the article are not working any more. It seams, that the most cards are to old and you find only some used cards with older production date.

There was also an interesting passive cooling set, which you can apply to a couple of cards. But even this is not available any more. 

I have now decided to buy the Radeon 550 with fan. I hope the fan is not turning on, if I work only on 2D applications.

But anyway thank you for the recommendations and best regards



The AMD 500 series GPU cards all have the Zero RPM feature that turns on once it reaches a temperature around 60c.

Unfortunately, Fanless or passive cooling GPU cards are not used today due to the amount of power a GPU cards needs to run the latest graphics apps or games.

There are some older AMD FirePro "S" GPU cards that are fanless but very expensive and not supported with driver updates anymore.