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Journeyman III

Lenovo 15ARH05 Laptop Hybrid Graphics issue.

I bought a Lenovo 15ARH05 laptop recently. It's the Ryzen 5 4600H model with NVIDIA 1650 dedicated graphics. 

I just discovered today that when I try to playback video on Youtube on my external monitor I usually get audio with video frozen on the first frame. This happens on just about any video that is less than an HD resolution. Usually, but not always, if a video has 1080p or higher available, switching to that lets the video play fine. Moving the browser to the built in display also makes the video unfreeze.

Oddly, this happens in all chromium based browsers I've tried, i.e. Chrome, Edge, and Brave, but does not occur in Firefox. Turning off HW acceleration fixes the issue. Turning off Hybrid mode so only the 1650 is used fixes the issue. NVIDIA drivers have been updated. Lenovo version of the AMD drivers have been replaced with the AMD current version.

Any ideas what would cause this? It's seems to be an issue between Chromium's hardware acceleration and hybrid graphics mode. 

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