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Adept I

League of Legends RX 5700 huge crash

it's been around 3 to 4 months that I crash on lol without being able to correct the problem. Here are the symptoms: when I play the game freezes which forces me to force the restart except that the pc does not boot anymore after. It only happens in this game.
thank you for your help
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Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can take to resolve the issue you have been facing. You can try to update game drivers, and make sure all the game files are verified. Also, adjust in-game settings, while also checking for overheating and running a stress test on the graphics card by using a stress-testing tool (such as FurMark). Remember to back up important data before attempting any troubleshooting steps.

PC Hardware Specialist
Adept I

Its ok i contacted riot devs they helped me. 

What they say? Because i have the same problem unfortunetly. 


try the following steps:

• Right click the League of Legends shortcut on your Desktop
• Click Open file location
• Right click RiotClientServices.exe and go to Properties
• Go to the Compatibility tab
• Make sure that Disable full-screen optimizations and Run this program as an administrator are checked 

• Then click on Change high DPI settings
• From there, check the option for High DPI scaling override, and then from the list below select Application
• Click OK, then Apply, and OK again
• Next, go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends
• Find LeagueClient.exe, right click, go to Properties, and repeat the same steps that you did for the Riot Client file

Next, if that didn't work, you could try a clean boot before playing pnce again since other 3rd party programs running in the background can mess with your performance (avoid manually opening other apps apart from the game afterwards).


Important: For VALORANT: After you click the 'Disable All' button, find 'vgc' and re-check that one.
                     Also, make sure to Hide all Microsoft services so you don't end up accidentally disabling a key process.

I have also downloaded the pro version of amd adrenalin.